What To Do This April!

The month of April is always exciting for little ones! Flowers are blooming, days are starting to last longer and we are finally in Spring! Easter holidays are just around the corner which means a month full of jam-packed events for all families to enjoy.


A special time of year for all little ones, as they learn to understand about the day Jesus resurrected but also it being engaging to learn through play! Easter egg hunts and creating Easter bonnets are always a winner!

Holiday time doesn’t have to seem expensive! Hopping on the chain ferry and taking part in an Easter egg hunt is a great activity for all the family to be involved in, have a very fun day filled with laughter and silly games!

New Experiences

Getting your child to use their imagination through activities is something we help them develop here at First Steps. A great activity for all the family is visiting the Lighthouse theatre.

On the 6th April ‘Let’s build a Planet’ show is coming to Poole! Suitable for ages 4+, your child will have the experience of going to an interactive theatrical spectacular about making things right, whether that might be if a donkey should have more than two eyes or not. Experience the theatre with your child as a family, it might be a funny visit or could get them thinking as it is so important to get your child learning early, as they start to build their future!

Easter is loaded up with so many more events, take a look on Bournemouth Tourism page or simply ask one of the members at the nursery, who will have lots of fun ideas of what you can do to spend more time with your little one. You will be surprised at how much they grow, learn and form a bigger personality in nursery!