It's Spring time at First Steps

The month of May saw the nursery welcome some chicks. The nursery cared and nurtured the eggs until they hatched in to chicks which the children named themselves. The oldest children in the nursery learnt about the life cycle of a chick and needless to say they were sad to say goodbye when they went back to the farm. Here at First Steps we love to offer the children new and exciting experiences, book your visit now to come and view our excellent nursery and see the amazing experiences we strive to offer - ‘shows care and concern for living things’ Understanding the world EYFS 2018.

We have also expanded our home learning this month by incorporating our pre school summer challenges and a variety of next step and interests bags. ‘The important role parents' play by taking an interest in their children's learning has a major impact on the outcomes for children. ... Therefore supporting parents to provide a positive home learning environment plays a crucial part on improving children's outcomes.’ EYFS 2018.

We have children moving rooms this month so we have focused a lot on transitions and how to make these as smooth as possible for the children and our parents. We focus on children as individuals here at First Steps and there is no blanket approach to any of our transitions. Our trained and experienced staff will ensure they keep you updated on what will happen and how the children are responding to their new experience.

caroline Marks