3 Things For An Epic Summer


When summertime rolls around it can be hard to find time to spend with your little ones, especially if you need to work full time. Being the client of a nursery like First Steps is ideal when you need to rely on someone to provide first class care for your child. But when you do have the time to spend with them, you want to make sure it is quality time.

We have come up with a few suggestions to make sure you and your child are getting the best out of the time you have with each other during the summer months.

Garden Games

This is a cheap and easy one, perfect for the summer time. There is plenty to do in the garden with your little ones and you can even get them to help out if you need to do some real gardening yourself!

Whether you set them up with a pot of soil and some seeds or create an obstacle course out of garden furniture, they can be entertained for hours while getting some fresh air. Have them plant their own seeds in little pots and watch them grow throughout the summer. The responsibility of watering it every day and the joy of watching it grow will teach them basic skills and allow them to have fun while doing it!

Beach Bums

Another free option for the summertime is the beach! Pack up your beach blankets, buckets and spades, a yummy picnic and fluffy towels and head down to the seaside. From sandcastles and digging holes to paddling on the shoreline, there is a full family day out to be had on the beach, all within budget.

An alternative for the more active families is a day exploring the coastline. Look for rocky beaches where you can go hunting for fossils or seeking caves along the shoreline. Stop for a picnic on some grassy dunes or head to the local pub for a bite. Another active family day out in the fresh air.

Creative Crafts

Here’s one to get their little minds working and their imagination flowing. For the rainy days (which are inevitable in the British summertime) there is plenty to do at home, including crafts and other creative activities. Disclaimer: this may get a little messy!

Get a plastic sheet spread out over the dining room table or in the kitchen and then lay out the glue, glitter, paints, paper, pens and stick the kids in aprons then let them go wild! You can all sit down together than create finger paintings, drawings and other creative crafts which can be kept for memories or hung on the fridge.

These are just a few simple activities you and your little ones can enjoy during the summer months which aren’t too expensive but allow you to spend time with each other. We will be posting more ideas to keep your children entertained this summer on our Facebook Pages, so make sure you are following your local nursery.