Bounce, Wiggle & Sing!


It’s a fresh new year and what a kick off the new year by trying something new! We have just the thing! Everyone loves a good boogie, so get ready to bounce, wiggle and sing along to your child's favourite songs and nursery rhymes.

Join in with other parents and their young ones at one of Bournemouth's free events. The Baby Wriggle & Rhyme session is full of action and can be found at a variety of Bournemouth's libraries throughout the weekdays. Become a little community every morning at your selected library, choose a space to sit in a circle and get ready to sing to your heart's content. What’s even better, is that your child can have the option to try out some musical instruments. You never know, your child could be the next Elton John!

Not only is this a way of bonding with your child or other parents, it can encourage a creative talent from an early age and also, singing with your little one can benefit with speech development (How great is that!)

So if this free event takes your fancy, then head to for further information.