Careers at First Steps


Here at First Steps, we pride ourselves in putting our clients first: both the big ones and the little ones! We have worked hard over the years to create a fun and friendly environment for everyone who walks through the door; parents, children and staff alike.

To make sure our client’s experience is the very best, we need the very best to be working with us. Our flagship location in Poole, we are always looking for hardworking, motivated childcare professionals to join our team and help make the little rays of sunshine we care for even happier - with fresh faces to meet and interact with.

First Steps Nurseries have an outstanding reputation in the area in which we serve, and we like to maintain that by working with outstanding people. As a fast growing company with the number of enrolment requests increasing every year, we need to make sure we can provide sufficient expert care for our little clients. This is why we are opening our doors to and holding our very first careers open day at our Poole Nursery on the 13th of October.

We’re looking for people who are fun loving, friendly and are interested in a career in childcare. We actively invest in our staff to ensure everyone working at First Steps are happy and fulfilled in their roles. These investments include the delicious offer of a free taste card for all of our staff members, regular opportunities for training and competitive pay, not to mentioned a lovely team to work with each day.

Our aim is for First Steps to be a place where childcare professionals can not only enjoy their work in a fun loving atmosphere, but build a career from our brilliant reputation, excellent training services and have the encouragement to increase their skillset. Our online learning resources enable our staff to keep up with the latest and best practices in childcare, which is an advantage not many other nurseries offer.

If the ongoing investment in our staff and the draw of a happy workplace has got you interested in applying, please send us your CV or come along to our Careers Day.