New Years Bucket List

Christmas is sadly over. There are no more presents left under the tree, all the decorations are ready to be packed back into the loft and it’s nearly the start of the new year. Whether this is celebrated in a special way with family and friends, get off that sofa now as the festive season isn't over yet!

After all of the excitement of the festive season, once Christmas has passed some of us can be stuck with what to do. Well, we have a few great ideas to keep that festive spirit alive and ensure the kids are entertained!

Fancy Dress Swim

Something for the brave hearted here, but you could join hundreds of other like minded (and possibly slightly crazy) people with the fancy dress harbour swim. Sounds mad right?? Get dad to dress up as a superhero, or crack out the inflatable dinosaur costume! But don’t spend any longer than you need to in the water! Wrap up warm and grab a hot choco after to reward yourself for braving the elements.

Bath Tub Race

This one is definitely for the adults, but you can bring the kids along and have a great laugh. Why not watch the New Year's annual Poole charity bathtub race?? Come along to Poole Quay to cheer on the mad-hatters with their wonderful constructed bathtubs in a race against time.

As you will be wrapped up in your winter essentials, the competitors will be in all sorts of gear, some may even be in fancy dress, but they are fully eager to hop in their tubs and race to their heart's content. … or maybe just go round and round in circles!

New Year Phaser Night

Lemar Landings are organising a New Years eve-eve Phaser Night. Send the kids on a space mission themed style adventure throughout six phaser missions that will keep them entertained all day! After all the fun, grab some dinner in the Tower Park vicinity and prepare yourself for the big countdown!

Corfe Castle Winter Lights

Looking for something to do throughout the day? Well we have you covered! Come and see the ruins of Corfe Castle located in the stunning Purbeck. Immerse yourself in the history behind the castle and captivate the magnificent views. This event doesn't just stop here, as Corfe Castle will open its gates later in the day for its winter lights event. Why not feel the history come to life with lanterns, and beacons as they light up the fallen walls. Finish the evening off with a festive treat and drink by a log fire to keep you all toasty and warm!


Looking for the whole family to laugh out loud or to sing to your heart's content? Well we don’t just have one pantomime performance… we have three (Oh yes we do!) The classic Dick Whittington guaranteed to bring plenty of laughter will be performed at our local Lighthouse. If you are after something a bit more traditional, then the return of the popular Sleeping Beauty will be performed at the BIC. Why not dress your little ones up in their best gowns, and everyone can shine like a prince and princess! Last but not least, come and join us for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, The Greatest Showman! Bring your kids along for this singalong version of the production to have fun and watch the night come alive.

So there are just a few ideas that could keep you being a busy bee after this festive season. Whether you want to blow off some energy or just to relax under the night sky drinking a hot choco with the family, we hope you enjoy the end of this lovely year!