Nursery Space Mission 🚀


At First Steps, we endeavour to encourage learning and development through play. Part of this is helping children to discover new and exciting topics which opens up their imagination and gets them talking about something that interests them. Even the quietest child will light up at the opportunity to have their say in something that gets their mind working. We are always thinking of new activities to introduce to our little ones which cover inspiring subject matter to help encourage these interactions. Our most recent inspirational activity has been learning about space!

We have encouraged our little stars to think big and use their imagination to learn more about what lies beyond our world. They have been discovering new planets, stars and galaxies through informative play and talking about their perceptions of space. We think we may have some new space girls and boys among us! We have been extremely pleased with the levels of interactivity and engagement expressed by the children during their learning. Nothing is more gratifying than to hear them voice their excitement about a new topic.

Learning through play is key for the development of the little ones we care for at First Steps. Discovering the subjects they find engaging is important for letting them exercise their imagination. When they are this young, they will absorb information faster and the skills they learn now will stay with them for life. These fundamental tools for life will only grow as they grow.

Take a look at the video on our Facebook Page which shows the results of the activities we have been providing for the little stars at First Steps. Two of our space children talk about what they have learned and why they love space. We also asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up - we think you can guess the answer to that one! It is always really rewarding to physically see what the children who attend First Steps achieve through the activities we set out for them. This is just another reason why First Steps is the first choice nursery for so many parents.

Our next ‘Nursery Space Mission’ will be in Portsmouth on the 28th of July, where we will invite all the space mummies and daddies along with their future astronauts to come and find out if First Steps is the right nursery for you. There will be lots of space-themed activities including puzzles, games and face painting! We are also offering free gifts and special offers to all who choose to enrol on the day.

We always strive to create the best experience for all the clients of First Steps; whether you are the parent or a child. Make sure you look into getting your child enrolled before the spaces fill up!


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