What Your Child Does At Nursery


You drop your little one at nursery a few days a week; sending them off on their merry way with their little backpack containing multiple nappies and a spare pair of everything. But, aside to giving you a much-needed break or time to work, do you ever wonder what your child actually does at nursery?

We tend to look at it from a surface level: they go to nursery, they play with their friends, they sing a few songs and they come home with lots to babble about at the end of the day. But going to nursery and the style and quality of childcare at First Steps means it is so much more than that.

Firstly, attending a nursery means meeting and socialising with other children. Interaction with little people their own age is a key part of their social development. On a daily basis, they learn their social skills by replicating the actions of their role model - you. You then tell them what is good behaviour and what is bad behaviour, but socialising with other children is a chance for them to put these skills into practice.

The staff at First Steps are experienced in offering a helping hand when it comes to promoting good behaviour and we notice over time a child's social skills developing positively when they are allowed to interact with people their own age - after all, they have the same interests!

Aside from the interaction through socialising, interaction through activities and play is another thing your child might get up to at nursery. Activities at nursery bring on a whole new set of skills they are able to develop, especially activities that involve your child interacting with other children. Playing together is a great way for children to learn to share, practice kindness but also develop key team building and collaboration skills which will be further developed at primary school.

Our staff at First Steps are qualified Early Years Educators, which means that your child's education really does start from nursery! We ensure that the activities your little ones take part in are structured and fit for the purpose of aiding their development and keeping them engaged.

So in answer to the question 'what does my child actually do at nursery?!' - they learn, play, interact and develop vital skills that set them up for life. At First Steps, we try to build lasting relationships with the parents of the children who attend our nurseries. So if you want a full breakdown of what little Jacob did during his day at nursery - just ask our friendly staff!


Coming to a nursery is so much more than just sitting in a room full of children and stacking up building blocks. It's a vital first step in the development of any child, so why not talk to First Steps about enrolling?