What To Do This March!


At this time of year, it is easy to get stuck into work and forget about the quality of family time. Trying new activities once a week or having a ‘set day’ for them can work wonders for you and your family.

Opportunities for you

We have beautiful beaches right on our doorstep, so wrap up warm and take your little ones along the stunning coastline. It’s quieter this time of year, but as the sun is starting to shine bright and temperature is warmer it is just as scenic. Beaches are great to take your children and learn, see new shells and how it changes over the different seasons of the year.

Hengistbury head beach and reserve is beautiful and one of the beaches your children may not have visited yet. Sometimes family days out can be expensive but with a packed lunch this can be one of the cheapest and still a fun activity… I may remind you that not everything fun has to be expensive.

KIDS EAT FREE! Mulligans situated in the heart of Bournemouth is a crazy golf attraction. This would be great for the whole family to take part in, even you parent’s who forget to have fun yourselves! Enjoy a day out to Mulligans and take advantage of the free food!

Try new activities

There are so many great activities offered in the area and it’s amazing how children learn through play! Lemur Landings offer soft play and sensory areas for aged 4 and under. If you are a family with all different aged children this could be perfect as it specifies for all ages under 13 so you could keep all your little ones happy for the day. This fun attraction is found at Tower Park a popular place for all children. Spend the day in Lemur and your children will sure sleep well when it comes to bedtime!

Brownsea Island is a memorable place in most people childhoods, who has grown up in this lovely area. With summer approaching, it is worth a visit before the busy period. A trip across the ferry is never one to forget and is loved by all little ones! Staring over the side at the crashing waves and voyaging away from mainland is sure to put a smile on your child. At Brownsea Island there is so many things to get up to. Searching for the red squirrels are definitely an activity children take to really well, exploring but most of all spending time together becoming closer and also being wowed by really how much your children do know about the outdoors!

There are lots of ways you can spend time with your little ones. You will be surprised how much they learn in nursery and taking them out for the day will give you the time to see how much your child is growing.