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Say Hello To Our Lovely Team


Our Management Team


Nursery Manager - Early Years Professional BA (Hons)

Lauren has the highest level of early years qualification and is an expert in her field, this is reflected in her expert team that she mentors and guides. Lauren is always willing to be hands on with the children and is truly the face of the nursery for our families. As is summed up by some words from our parents ‘Lauren….well words can’t describe the sterling job she does and always with a smile’.



Senior Deputy Manager - Early Years Professional

Chantelle is our Deputy Manager and has been at First Steps for over nine years now.

She has completed her foundation degree and assists Lauren in the day to day running of the nursery. Chantelle is also joint SENCo with Syd and is always around to offer advice and guidance to parents. She also brings her little boy to nursery with her.


Assistant Deputy Manager - FDA in Early Years

Sydonie has been with the nursery for over six years now and has worked her way up to the deputy manager position. Sydonie runs our very busy Big Steps pre school and is the nursery SENCo. Sydonie works along side Lauren and Chantelle to ensure the smooth day to day running of the setting and always with a smile on her face. Sydonie is a very dedicated member of the First Steps team.



Team Leader - NVQ Level 3

Ella has been with the nursery for over nine years now and has worked her way up to our nursery team leader. Ella runs our baby room, coordinates our after school and breakfast club and works alongside Lauren in our holiday club. Ella I highly motivated and passionate about her career in childcare. Ella is a very valued member of the team.



Toddler Room Leader - NVQ Level 3

Tiffany has been with the nursery for over 8 years now and has worked her way up to the toddler room leader role. Tiffany is also a busy mum of two so she job shares this role with Sarah. Tiffany helps ensure the toddlers make a smooth transition into the room from the baby room and prepares them for the transition to pre school. Tiffany helps to plan lots of child specific activities and helps to extend the children’s learning wherever possible. Tiffany is an excellent member of the senior team.



Toddler Room Leader - Early Years Professional BA (Hons)

Sarah is the other half of our toddler room leader and also a busy mum of two. Sarah ensures the toddlers have a fantastic and stimulating time whilst at First Steps and helps develop and further the children in all areas. Sarah is fun and great at helping with potty training strategies and preparing the children for the pre school room. Sarah does a great job.



Little Steps Room Leader - NVQ Level 3

Natalie has returned to the setting in 2017 after spending the last few years exploring different paths. She is now part of our busy Little Steps team and is great at helping the children become independent individuals. The children have taken an instant like to her and she has slotted back into the first steps team as if she’s never been away.


Our Nursery Practitioners



Nursery Practitioner - Level 3 Apprentice

Tasha has been with us for over a year now and spent this time in our baby room. She is currently a level 3 apprentice and enjoys bringing lots of new ideas into the setting. Tasha is very organised and will always welcome you with a smile.



Level 3 Apprentice

Danielle is one of our nursery parents who has joined the team since her little one has gone to school. Danielle helps the little steps children to start to focus on school preparation.

Danielle enjoys helping with small group activities and extending the children’s learning wherever she can.



Nursery Practitioner - NVQ level 3

Misty has been with the nursery for three years now and is a very valuable member of our baby room team. Misty helps provide activities to extend the children’s learning and development and is great with the various routines in our baby room. Misty particularly enjoys garden time and likes to get outside with the children in their sensory garden.



Nursery Practitioner - NVQ Level 3

Bex has been with the setting now for over three years and has a very kind nature with our toddler children. She has recently returned from maternity leave and can be seen helping Tiffany and Sarah provide the toddlers with an amazing and fun packed day. Bex is always laughing and playing fun games with the toddlers and has vast amount of experience with all our age ranges.



Level 3 Apprentice

Holly currently works across all rooms helping out where she is needed. Holly has vast experience across all age ranges and adapts well to the different age groups. Holly always has a smile on her face and is always happy to help.



Nursery Practitioner

Rachael is working in our toddler room leading a small team to prepare our children for using the potty, to become more independent and to most importantly have fun whilst at nursery.


Nursery Practitioner - NVQ Level 3

Monika has been with the setting for over three years now and is part of our little steps team. Monika was one of our nursery parents and transitioned into one of our staff members. Monika enjoys getting messy and loves playing outside with the children in the mud kitchen.!


Admin Assistant

Chloe has recently joined the team to help with the administrative side of things. Chloe can help to answer any invoice queries, enquiries and show rounds. Chloe is a very friendly member of the team who is happy to help with all of your questions.



Nursery Cook

Thereza is our nursery cook and has the tricky job of ensuring all dietary requirements and allergies are catered for. Thereza has previous experience of working hard in a local pub and is used to working under pressure and producing some really yummy food for the children.



Level 3 Apprentice

Bailey works in our baby room and is keyworker to several children. She helps produce observations and planning for the room and has a very quiet and caring nature which the baby room children adore.



Level 3 Apprentice

Louanna currently works in our big steps pre school and loves spending time with small groups on the tablet, lego table and messy tables. Louanna engages the children well and keeps them stimulated whilst implementing lots of new activities.



Nursery Practitioner - NVQ level 3

Kelly has been with the nursery for over eight years now and currently works in our baby room. Kelly steps up when Ella is in holiday club or helping with management duties. Kelly is kind, caring and very fun which the children love about her. Kelly can often be found introducing new songs and dances into our baby room.



Nursery Practitioner - CACHE Level 3

Kerri has been with the nursery for a few months now and has slotted in to our baby room very well. Kerri is caring and motivated to provide the children with some new and exciting activities. She always greets you with a smile.



Level 3 Apprentice

Kelsey is a very capable and dedicated member of the team. Kelsey works in our Big Steps pre school and helps Sydonie to prepare the children for their transition to big school. Kelsey is firm but fair and helps implement behaviour management strategies similar to the local schools. Kelsey is loved by the pre school children and does a great job with them.