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Say Hello To Our Lovely Team



I have worked in childcare for over 5 years and love being able to plan fun activities to help the children develop the skills they need for later on in life. outside of work I enjoy spending time with my partner and family and going on day trips.




My role as Deputy Manager means that I am able to support Hannah on a day to day basis with Management tasks. An when she is not in the office I step up to cover the business. In the room that I manage, I love to see the children grow and develop whilst they are happy in our care. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my partner and family and I love to visit the seaside.



he things I like about working in a nursery is seeing how the children develop and knowing that I played a part in that child’s first few years of their life. There is nothing more rewarding. When I’m not working I really enjoy spending time with my friends especially going for weekends away, a lot of holidays (hot ones of course) and going to concerts …mainly Olly Murs.



I enjoy working the baby room as I feel I can have a great influence on the children's early childhood, helping them reach milestones and start their learning journey. Outside of work I enjoy going to visit my family and friends in Cumbria and planning holidays with my partner.



I love working with children and planning fun things for them to do. Outside of work I love to go out with my friends, go on long walks and go to the stables to look after the horses and go riding.



I have always known have wanted to work with children in an early years setting, I enjoyed my work experience through college and learn how children grow and develop. I like seeing them develop their own personalities and achieve goals. Outside of work I like to spend time with my friends and family, reading and watching movies.


I really enjoy the watching the children grow in confidence and developing. I like to read stories, sing songs and do messy activities with paint and shaving foam. Outside of nursery I like to do athletics, the hammer is my favourite. I like to read books, paint and go out for meals with my friends.